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On the afternoon of January 6, 2021, while the United States Congress worked to certify the states’ votes for President and declare the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election; a mob overtook the capitol in an attempt to stop the normal process. As he worked valiantly, Eugene Goodman, a US Capitol Police Officer, quickly used diversionary tactics to draw the mob away from the Congresspeople; intentionally leading them away from the Vice President and Senators who were actively in search of safety. On February 12, the United States Senate unanimously voted to award Officer Goodman with the Congressional Gold Medal in honor of the heroism that he showed during the attack. 

As I watched the vote happening, live on TV, I was inspired by this story to commemorate this moment: a black man who put his own life in danger for the protection of our government as we know it, and its officials. Not only did he do this, but then he was recognized by a room full of 100 (mostly) white (mostly) men for his bravery with the highest honor that the federal government can award a civilian. completed from pencil drawing to done in less than a day. He was created, solely, out of materials that I already had on hand, he is the smallest, and the only one to be covered in paint from edge to edge. The various shades of gold acrylic & the stenciled lettering help to create a “halo of uncreated light” while also depicting the pressed metal form of a coin. Technically not a cruciform halo but I have given the impression of one by including the Greek “I AM” in the places where the cross sections would be. In the upper corners is written, “Pray for us…Eugene.”

Commemoration of the Savior (Eugene Goodman)

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