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The simplicity of the image tells a complicated story casting Rosa Parks in the role of Mother God, Ruby Bridges as the living Jesus, and Kamala Harris as Sophia Spirit. Each one engaging with the others in their own unique way while also remaining completely separate.

I wanted to show three individual parts of the same whole. This sentiment is conveyed through all three of them being encompassed by the same gold leaf halo which stretches across all three canvases. On the left, Rosa is sitting on a bus holding her inmate number that she was assigned when she was arrested, Ruby stands peacefully as she spreads the message of love and inclusion to her community, and Kamala follows her, continuing to spread that message on a larger scale. Notice that the hand of God enfold the complete image, and the halo is radiating that “uncreated light” into the upper edges of the canvases.

Holy Trinity (Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, Kamala Harris)

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